IPiFony ISP Clients and End Users


Why VoIP?

Roy Gomes, WWISP

Roy Gomes describes the reasons that WWISP began offering voice services to their customers and how profit margins have doubled as a result.

Customer Experiences

Arthur Shores Lee
Brooks Lumpkin, Metro Companies

Two customers of an IPiFony Powered ISP describe the reasons they chose that ISP for their voice services and the benefits the hosted PBX product brings to them.

Why IPiFony?

Roy Gomes, WWISP

Roy discusses the problems and pitfalls associated with reselling voice services from other carriers and details some of the advantages and benefits his business has enjoyed since bringing their voice services offerings inhouse with IPiFony.

A Technician's Perspective

Jonathan Brown, WWISP

Jonathan Brown discusses his experiences as a network administrator.

Training and the

Jonathan Brown, WWISP

Jonathan Brown discusses the ease of use and ease of training for end users.