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The IPiFony Platform is a hardware and software solution for providing hosted voice services. Targeted at regional ISPs and carriers, the platform enables network operators to offer hosted PBX, analog line replacement, SIP trunk replacement, and other voice services to their customers. Unlike many other “voice solutions” for the small and medium ISP, the IPiFony Platform is a facilities-based solution installed and managed on your network. While many other solutions focus exclusively on trunk replacement or single-line analog phone service accounts, the IPiFony Platform features a powerful business-oriented hosted PBX service, allowing service providers to tap into the voice services revenue available from small and medium business customers.

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Interested in learning more? Perhaps you would like to see more technical details? Curious about the regulatory issues surrounding VoIP services? Nervous about the pitfalls of VoIP? Take advantage of our extensive knowledge and experience by calling us. Consider allowing us to help you determine whether the IPiFony Platform is the right fit for your business!


Case Study


Learn how the IPiFony platform helps WWISP, an ISP based in Birmingham, AL, increase operating margins and improve customer retention by offering competitive, high quality, and feature rich voice services.

WWISP Case Study

Roy Gomes

Managing Partner, WWISP

“We were handling a hundred or more problem calls each month. Today, there are virtually none. We're now able to get back to the business of growing our business.”

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