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At IPiFony, we understand the critical nature of telecommunications. Your customers demand quality and reliability; mediocre voice services simply are not tolerated. We're dedicated to exceeding your customers' expectations. That's why we work with our clients to establish a relationship that encourages open communication and facilitates prompt resolutions.

Whereas our competitors charge additional fees for support, continual service and technical assistance are complimentary, standard provisions of the IPiFony Platform. Our clients receive unlimited technical support, network engineering consultations (to assist ISPs in optimizing their networks for voice), and sales advice (to help design and market just about anything your customers could want in a telephony solution).

All IPiFony clients may access a 24-hour emergency assistance hotline, as well as an online service request system. In order to guarantee service integrity, technical support telephone numbers are unlisted. If you are a current IPiFony client and require this information, please contact your account executive.

Case Study


Learn how the IPiFony platform helps WWISP, an ISP based in Birmingham, AL, increase operating margins and improve customer retention by offering competitive, high quality, and feature rich voice services.

WWISP Case Study

Roy Gomes

Managing Partner, WWISP

“We were handling a hundred or more problem calls each month. Today, there are virtually none. We're now able to get back to the business of growing our business.”

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